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Surprise Spaghetti!

1 Jun

It’s Mothers Day!… or it was mother day. My family didn’t do too much during the day to celebrate my mother’s awesomeness, but my sister and I did plan to make her a nice dinner. We decided to make spaghetti, salad, and some bread. We had to make all that, clean the kitchen, and tend to the puppy corral brawling amongst us.

First was the salad. I don’t have a real recipe for this one. My family is pretty plain jane when it comes to salads. We cracked open a bag of spinach mixed greens and cleaned ’em off.

Then we dried the leaves and that was that! Threw some shredded cheese and some random dressings that we found in the fridge on the table and ka-bam! Done.

Next I made the sauce. When we lived in Texas my dad was obsessed with this particular brand of sauce. Lawry’s.

They only sell it there, so when we moved away, needless to say, there was mass devastation. But luckily, my dad travels quite a bit so whenever he goes to Texas, he makes sure to stock up. Since it was a special occasion, we thought it was appropriate to make the last bag. It’s fairly easy to make. All you have to do is follow the directions on the back of the package.

Feeling a tad ambitious, my sister and I decided to add some free-range meat to the sauce. Awesome sauce + delicious natural meat= heaven.

Then came the actual pasta noodles. Again, really easy to make. Boil water, put pasta in, and set the timer to whatever depending on what the particular box says.

At this point, Marley decided to take a piss on the floor. I was busy, so I told Morgan to clean it up 🙂

Lastly, the bread. Again– no recipe. Wrapped that bread in foil, and stuck it in the oven till it smelled done.

Set the table and task complete!

Let’s eat!